Do you believe?

My first “sales job” … lasted about three days. I was fresh out of college and didn’t want to get stuck in a cubicle so I showed up at high-energy interview with about 20 other people. It was easy to tell it was a giant pyramid scheme, however I got sucked into the excitement the trainers were selling.

The product? Knock-off perfumes. Not the real thing, but it smelled just like the real thing”. Except it didn’t. It smelled nothing like the real perfume.

Our trainers coached us to sell our friends and family first (how every good business plan should start–whatever). I tried, but couldn’t lie to them that this was great smelling stuff at a fraction of the cost. So I turned my sales strategy to strangers. The idea was to canvas as many people as possible to meet a minimum sales quota.

So a number of us went to a busy Los Angeles business district and cold-called on people. We would approach anyone and everyone. Someone was walking innocently to his car and my trainer accosted him to buy the smelly-perfume for his girlfriend. We were kicked out of numerous office buildings and laughed at my multiple pedestrians.

I had no problems approaching people, I’m an outgoing person. But I fumbled on my sales pitch. I couldn’t close the sale. I did not believe in the product and I sold = zero.

It occurred to me how important it is that you believe in what you are selling. True selling is fulfilling a need with a product or service. Not being slick and talking someone into buying something. And when you have belief and enthusiasm in your product or service, then it shines through crystal clear. Its even contagious.

How strong do you believe in your services or products? How strong to you believe in your ability or skills? I hope it is with unwavering and steadfast faith. Because your deep belief is what you project to your potential clients.