Selling in a recession

selling in a recession sucks

Almost every bit of news appears to be negative. From bankruptcies, major corporations laying off people, shaky banks and now we all might die from some pig disease. It’s overwhelming and incredibly depressing.

There is an old saying, “You are what you eat”. Well I say, “You are what you think“. That’s why I’ve shut off the news. I watch or read about 30 minutes or less of local/national news each day. How, as a business owner and someone responsible for acquiring new business, listen to all this horrible negativity suddenly be pumped up enough to go out and sell/build client relationships? I know I can’t do it…so I’m guessing you may have the same problem.

There is a definite correlation between attitude creating your altitude. Believing that business will come to you and that you will connect with your ideal client, is more likely to happen rather than sitting in your office and fretting over situations that you cannot control. So get out there and make it happen. Work hard and remain positive, it’s the only way to close a sale.