Being Accountable!

Sales people are motivated by money. They are also motivated by their sales manager. In the business world, managers (I used to be one) are dedicated to making sure their sales people are on track in making their sales goals, meeting expectations and exceeding those expectations.

So who holds you accountable for your sales in your business? How do you measure your success rate? Or do you even track this at all?

It’s always better to have someone else motivate you or ask you where you are with your goals, because it’s easy to make excuses for yourself. This can fall on a business partner, spouse (although this may get into some gray area) or even a friend. I do not have a business partner, however, my closest friends are in sales; media and business products. We talk to each other throughout the week, touching bases and motivating each other. I have fabulous close friendships with other event planners who I connect with and motivate me as well. All of these people help ME pull myself up when I am in a “sales funk” and not producing (yes, we all have those).

Back to tracking: do you track your success rate in closing sales? Do you have a sales goal every month? Having a “revenue” goal is much better than the “number” of weddings or events that we produce. Some months may have more quantity over quality and since it varies it is easier to track total revenue.

I hope that you are comparing your sales: Month ’08 vs Month ’09, as well as Year-to-Date ’08 vs Year-to-Date ’09. You cannot wait till the end of the year to review, because by then it is too late – and that is when you should be projecting and setting your revenue goals for the next year. This allows you to know where you are falling short and may inspire you to consider new sources for revenue streams.

This seems so simple, but I guarantee that many small businesses are not reviewing these stats.

Next step, tracking and organizing your prospects and leads….

Happy Selling!