Reader Question: “Selling to Clients that CAN AFFORD You?”

Q. How do you end an introductory meeting with a prospective high-end client after you’ve listened to their wedding vision and provided information and shown a portfolio on your business?  How do you close the sale when you know they can afford your services?

A. Let’s first do a little happy-dance that you have delivered a presentation to a client that can afford your services. You HAVE to love those consults.

Let’s dispel the myth; just because clients have money doesn’t mean they want to SPEND money. The more net-worth my client has, the more they will analyze every line item. They didn’t build their wealth by spending frivolously and more importantly, they know they have a bulls-eye on their back because they have acquired a certain wealth. So they will move cautiously forward.

An introductory meeting is simply that. It’s when you get to have an in-depth consult that will allow you to get a glimpse into their ideas and showcase yours. That is why I {heart} custom proposals. You never know what you are walking into and when you use “pre-set packages”, it’s SUPER challenging to add on the incidentals.

None of us like to be taken advantage of; even more importantly none of us like to be “nickeled and dimed” to death. Sometimes add-on’s to service packages, feel just like that.

Your challenge is to show/prove your abilities and/or products. How are you different from your peer vendors? What is your unique selling point? Can you prove your experience and ability, clearly and effectively in your higher-end proposals? What do your proposals look like? All of these points are important to review for your business.

At the end of the consult, I treat ALL my prospective client the same. They are given clear timeline of what will happen next (when they will receive their proposal) and a deadline for their response. YES! A DEADLINE.

This feels like a another blog post; so I’ll continue the subject of “ending the consult” on another post. Stay tuned…..and thanks for the great question!

Happy Selling!

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