Sales: Have a Sense of Urgency

I was conducting a one-on-one sales coaching session with a vendor who was having a hard time in getting prospective clients to get back with him after the initial sales consult.

I asked him, “What do you say at the end of the sales consult?” He replied, “I let them know if anyone else calls for their wedding date, I’ll contact them.”

Hmmmm. So pretty much you have left the ball in their court to either get back with you or not. The prospect can take their time while you’re left exposed, waiting for them to move on making a decision and an income.

Now I’m not a fan on pressure sales tactics, doesn’t work with me, so I’m not going to use it on someone else. However, I’m seriously not a fan of leaving a consult as an open-ended conversation.

Instead, when you deliver your proposal (or at the sales consult with your pre-set service packages), let your client know that they have xx days to get back with you or you will open that wedding date to others. You are a professional. You have a business to run, it’s as simple as that.

We use something like this:

As a courtesy, we will hold your wedding date on our books for fourteen (14) days or August 4, 2009 from this email. If we have have not heard from you before that date, we will release your date back into our inventory. As we discussed, we take a limited amount of weddings per month and it is entirely based on the needs of our clients so that we may deliver exceptional, personalized service.

The actual number of days that you will hold their date is entirely up to you. Larger markets it may be 72 hours or if it is during a popular wedding month, 7 days. Doesn’t matter. Give them a deadline and as always, follow up when that deadline is met.

You’ll be surprised how well this works.

Happy Selling!

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