It’s not personal. Really, it’s not.

I was twittering with an online friend who I think is genius and so creative that I’m not worthy of being in the same room with her. With all that talent, she admitted that she takes things too personally, that’s why she isn’t good at sales.

She hit the nail on the head! Most of us who aren’t good at selling take it very personally when a prospect decides to go a “different direction” or simply doesn’t want to buy our services/products. Rejection can be very personal when you are in that frame of mind.

Understandably, when you pour your heart and soul into your invitation designs and then to have those designs be rejected by the client, it doesn’t feel good. Many of our businesses in the wedding/event industry is so personal. Hello? A wedding IS a personal event. Many of us ARE the face of our business and for a prospect to reject our proposal it appears they are not acknowledging our efforts and that can be taken the wrong way.

It’s hard to detach yourself; but if you are responsible for selling your services/products, then it is a MUST that you do so. Sales consults are the beginning of a business transaction, plain and simple.

To put in prospective, just think about the mental checklists you go through when you are going to make a major purchase. Many of us will shop around for price points and then will finally base our decisions on a quantified list of criteria. Wedding couples are the same. Sure, some buying decisions are based on emotion. But many are based on price, quality, quantity and finally, the good feeling they get when they sign on the dotted line.

When you are selling, you must have a thick skin. Don’t let the “no” get to you. It’s just time to move on to the next prospect! I simply move their proposals into a folder in my database that is labeled, “Their Loss”. And that is really my attitude.

Bring ‘on the next prospect!

Happy Planning