Where are your Hot Sales leads kept?

sales board
I like to keep important information right in front of my face. Of course, I use software; but nothing beats a good ‘ole fashioned white board. I installed one in the office and it sits right in front of my desk.

Ideas, strategies, and important notes go up on the white board.

Also, our sales leads. Sure we have a database strategy to keep track of the sales leads that come in and keep track of our sales cycle such as responses, notes and scheduling dates for follow up. That stuff is automated within our company online calendar.

But I’ve found it very motivating to put potential client’s names on the white board: and track results in a modified way. This keeps them in front of my face and constant reminder to follow and close the sale.

Sure it’s a little bit of double work, but it is so satisfying to draw a line and put the word SOLD on their name. Also right under the section of potential clients is also a fabulous thank you note from a happy client. Just to remind ourselves how happy we make our clients!

How do you do it?

Happy Selling!

{update on photo: Since the photo was taken, we can add two more “SOLD” notices to it. Holla!}