Hiding your Price

As an event planner, I get to see a lot of different vendor’s sales material. It always surprises me how different they can be and I wonder sometimes what was the mindset behind the layout they choose to display their packages and pricing?

One sales material I saw was done on beautiful quality paper, the service packages were laid out nicely and clearly. But the price was so difficult to figure out. The price for Package A might be $x,xxx if Add-on B wasn’t on there, but may be reduced if Add-on C was added. Huh?

You don’t want your sales material to look like a football playbook.

Your price should never be in smaller font. Or buried in a paragraph. Or in a lighter colored font.

While I am not a fan of gimmick pricing such as: $4k instead of $4,000. I do like omitting the “cents” whenever possible. For example.



Glancing quickly, which looks better? The second one.

State the investment proudly and clearly….let your buyer see the bottom line (most want to anyway) and then they can go back up into the proposal and read how incredibly wonderful your service is in the details.

You’ll never confuse someone into a sale by being sneaky or hiding your price.

Happy Selling!