True Sales Story: Which Scenario are You?

We were looking for a speciality item that we needed to rent for our client’s wedding. It was a big ticket item which we thought we had secured, but the rental company had inadvertently double booked us….leaving my client out in the cold. We had 30 days to try to scramble and find this item elsewhere.

Here’s a recap of two entirely different sales approaches. Can you determine the wrong tactics that were taken?

Real Experience Scenario A:

I called a rental company that I had originally called for a price quote months ago. Once the sales person remembered my previous inquiry the tone of the conversation changed. Suddenly the mid-level speciality item was not available, only the high-level speciality item was available for rent on our event date. Without going into too much detail, I knew that I was being taken advantage of because I was calling back only 30 days before the event. They smelled an easy sale and were jumping on the chance to make some money. I felt used.

Real Experience Scenario B:

I called another rental company that did not have the a quality speciality item in comparison to the other rental companies, but it would work and frankly our options were becoming limited. I asked how much the rental price was and was told $ xyz price. I paused in the conversation, honestly just thinking to myself and weighing what my clients would like the most. The sales person at this rental company mistook my silence for not liking the product price, and immediately began to negotiate down the price. This was good for my client; but I cringed a bit when I heard the sales person devalue their rental price without so much of a negative comment from me.

Do you do make any of these mistakes?

Happy Selling!