You’re too Expensive

Love this objection!

You read that right, LOVE THIS objection. Look if a potential client took the time to admit this to you, they are interested in your services. They are wanting you to negotiate, which actually…keeps you in the running.

Think about it, for someone to actually take the time to tell you his/her objection … then he/she is an interested buyer.

What you want to do is cut that objection off early in the consultation. You’ll do this by listening to certain indicators that they may say and by asking the right questions. By eliminating the “price issue” early on, then you have already addressed that “objection” and it becomes a moot issue.

Be proactive and confront any sales objections in a conversational manner before they become a true obstacle!

Happy Selling!

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4 Responses to “You’re too Expensive”

  1. Matt Vickers says:

    How about some examples of the questions to ask to get them off the cost. Happy Birthday!

    • saundra says:

      You need to concentrate on your value and what makes you different from other photographers. Also indicating that you are not the least expensive in your area is fine too….work that into your conversation.

      All I know is, if you have given out a proposal and or conducted a full sales consult, and then this objection is brought up, they ARE INTERESTED. If they didn’t say it … then they really cannot afford you and they are moving on.

  2. Austin says:

    I’d rather have somebody say “you’re too expensive” than hire me because I was the cheapest. Great mini-article.

  3. Grace Whalen says:

    Thank you for this, really hit home! Great encouragment.
    btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

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