Truth vs Fiction: In Wedding Planning

I was speaking with one of my favorite wedding planner friends the other day. She was telling me how they have about 10 weddings coming up within the next few months. I told her, “Wow, obviously I am in the wrong market.” (typical knee-jerk response when you hear another professional doing well in her respective area).

“Well, ” she replies, “you know they aren’t all GREAT weddings. In fact, one of them I really wanted to turn down, because I felt she wasn’t going to be the best fit.” My very experienced, planner friend then loudly sighed. “But my husband and I went over finances for the next quarter and when she called to hire us, I took it! Sometimes you gotta do, what you gotta do.”

I THANKED her for her honesty. That’s what really is going on in the REAL world.

This doesn’t mean I am suggesting that you grab up every client that comes to you, we all know it is important to acquire a client that will not only appreciate your services but reflect your company’s brand. (That was my one obligatory branding message that must accompany all blog posts like this.) But we know that bills come in every month and you can’t respond to your electric bill, “Sorry, my target client didn’t hire me this month.”

So what’s a small business, fighting the poor economy and rising expenses suppose to do? {GET REAL} Sales suggestions:

  1. First, BE sure you aren’t lowering your “brand” standards so much that you are putting yourself and your business in jeopardy.
  2. Do not work for free. Do not work for free. Do not work for free.
  3. Set clear boundaries and limitations so that you will not be taken advantage of and still make a profit.
  4. Know that you aren’t alone. Not every wedding is dripping with Phalaenopsis orchids and crystals from the ceiling. But that is okay.

What are your thoughts?

Happy Selling!