{GET REAL} Sales Workshop, wrap up Texas style

With glaring obviousness I have been MIA from the sales blog. As the busy wedding season starts in our area, we have been running to catch up! It is good to hustling.

However I wanted to give a big shout out to all the wonderful ladies/gentlemen that I met in Houston and Austin, Texas on the first {GET REAL} Sales Workshop tour. Prepare for the usual blog cliche:  It was awesome.

It’s comforting to know that we all deal with the same challenges and issues. What was the best part was the collaborative way we shared information.

In Austin, we had as many photographers in the room as we did planners (and a stationer!). We stopped the meeting just to talk about how we can help each other better at events. Priceless.

Huge thanks to Elizabeth Hafner with Vignette Photography for these awesome photos:

saundra hadley get real sales workshop austin texas

saundra hadley get real sales workshop austin texas

There will be more workshops coming, we are still working out the schedules.

Next week, I’ll be in Indianapolis speaking at Eventology 2010, April 19-20th. Cannot wait to see everyone again and meet new people

Happy Selling!