It’s OK to use Social Media for business leads

I used to have a note on my Facebook page: “Please do not contact me here regarding business leads, because your inquiry may be lost.”

It’s true, there is a risk of vendor and client inquiries getting overlooked in Facebook statuses or Direct Messages on Twitter.

However, like you, I’ve invested in a fan page that you can “like” on Facebook. I reach out to potential clients and build vendor relationships on Twitter. I’ve even told vendors, please do not contact me through this medium.

Then I stopped and thought about it. Why invest all this time and have a rigid policy?

FB like any other social media is gi-normous in it’s size. And to eradicate that from your sales medium is not only being sterile but obtuse in keeping up with potential leads. They’ll just move to your competitor down the street.

Your potential clients are there….you’ve created a place to meet them…. so do so.

PS Still not a fan of “texting” new business, because I’m not 13 years old.

Happy Selling!