hang in there, folks…

I talk/chat/tweet up event professionals across the world … and hear the (get real) scoop on what is going on with their business.

Wish I could report that everything is puppies and rainbows, but it is still tough out there. Phones are too quiet. Websites are collecting cobwebs. Many of us are working, but struggling as rising personal/business expenses meet reduced revenue.

More clients are booking their vendors at the last possible moment. Which means a higher anxiety for us professionals.

I don’t have the magic answer. I wish I did. Just know that you are not alone.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Be on your game. Clients are booking closer to their wedding date, have your game together to be able to serve them quickly. Every client is a possible referral, you may have to change your game strategy on the output of work.
  2. Don’t give up. I know some event professionals are looking to participate in other revenue streams to make ends meet until things pick up. There is no shame in that.
  3. Don’t work for free. Discounting your services will not help you meet your bottom line and will burn you out faster than a Molotov cocktail. The rebound of doing this will be astronomically difficult.
  4. Keep the faith/positivity. I don’t think talking about real issues and difficulties is being negative. Addressing the issue, and moving forward is the only to deal with anxiety. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with worry. We all do it. But it hurts our bodies, spirit and ultimately, our productivity. I know. I’m a professional worrier.
Happy Selling!