listing your prices on your website: JUST DO IT

A huge enigma for our industry, do we publish our prices on our website?

For many of us the conundrum is three-fold.

  1. Will we lose prospective clients that would disqualify our services based on pricing alone?
  2. Will my competition know what I’m charging and under charge me?
  3. Will my peers judge me for my pricing?

Here’s the problem. As a buyer of services, I like to know what the price range is, in fact it is very frustrating not to be able to see that information. Imagine searching for houses online and not having ONE PRICE under the listing. How long would you stay on that site?

Also, clients have told vendors on “bride panels” that they want to see AT LEAST starting prices on vendor’s websites.

Let’s discuss each point above individually.

One: Pricing is a pre-qualifier for potential clients. No use in calling you Mr. Photographer if your services start at $2,500 and the bride’s ENTIRE wedding budget is $5,000. Would you even want to field that call? Heck no, waste of your time and hers.

I have “starting” pricing on my website under services. If the phones aren’t ringing, sometimes I remove it. I play around with it all the time. However, with web inquiries I will always send something out to them before I make a phone call that gives a description of our company and where our pricing starts (as we give custom proposals).

If you feel that you need to explain your packages, then your packages may be too complicated. Keep it simple.

Two: If you have ever done a bridal show, or given out a proposal, or told another vendor your pricing/services or fielded an anonymous call asking about your pricing … then your competition probably knows what you are charging.

Again, why care?

Three: Your peers are always going to talk about you. That’s what we do, especially in this industry. Forget about it. Remember we are not going to fret about what our peers charge, anymore!

Happy Selling!