are you fearless?

My Dad passed away 14 months ago. It seems like a lifetime and like it was yesterday. Thankfully he was at my home (with my family).

I’ve never seen anyone die before. It’s quite a surreal experience. His last night I stayed up administering morphine so he wouldn’t be in pain. He was unable to communicate with us the last 48 hours, so this was of great concern to me.

No one prepared me for the sounds a body makes before it expires. Well that’s not true, the hospice nurse left a pamphlet which I didn’t crack open until around 2am. Leave it to me to not read directions on anything.

Why do I talk about this (depressing) subject? Because it altered my life, forever. Not just the fact of losing a parent, but the whole experience.

See, I used to be afraid of dying. I would pray when I would travel in an airplane to please land safe and protect all of us in the plane. Now I pray: “land safe or go quickly”.

Because my eye opening experience taught me there are no certainties in life. When you stop and really realize that, it’s freeing.

What’s this got to do with sales talk? Everything. Be fearless in your selling. Do not fear rejection, lack of acceptance, your ability, or (fill in the blank).

Be fearless with your colleagues, clients, family, friends…. Be free of negativity, doubt, troublesome people…..

Take the chance…….

Happy Selling!