Upcoming Series… Twelve Days of Selling!

First thing, Housekeeping Issues: Yes, the site has changed it’s look. Good grief, if the old site didn’t crash like a Toyota with an accelerator stuck. But it did. Seriously, I don’t want have to change this again for some time. I just need to figure out how to add photo galleries, because I LOVE seeing the photos of the super cool people I meet at conferences and seminars.

Now the big announcement!

Just in time for Christmas, on Monday… I will start the Twelve Days Selling. It’s to get you energized and ready for the engagement season that is about to kick off (if it hasn’t already in your local area). Yes, there will be a blog post every single day for Twelve Days straight (I should get a blog award or something because I am not the most consistent).

Hope you like! Please tweet, comment away…. looking forward to your feedback.

Happy Selling!