On the First Day of Selling…

On the First Day of Selling my sales coach gave to me….     (I’m super corny)


That’s right. Get up off your butt and clean your office/workspace, shop. Not just superficial cleaning either. Get out the huge trash can (that sits outside) and go through everything. If you don’t have time to file all the papers get a huge plastic bin and set the papers inside, you will finish this before April 15, 2011 (er, tax time). For now, we’ll put a pin in it.

Get out the Pledge and Windex. Throw away anything you haven’t touched in years. Take your files and scan them into .pdf’s for filing purposes. Throw it out! Purge!

It’s probably the “planner” in me, but I cannot “think” in dust, clutter or a mess. I cannot pretend to be open minded and upbeat when clutter and a mess is all around me. It gets me down. So this winter (because I am so behind) I have been cleaning like a pregnant, nesting woman (um, not preggers). So I can “think” again.

Trust me, before you can move on to another wedding season, you must first catch up and clean up. This is your foundation for clarity.

Happy Selling!

ps Found the photo on the web. It’s Jamie’s Desk, whoever that is.