On the Third Day of Selling…

On the Third of Selling my sales coach gave to me…


If you’re anything like me, you probably have lots of Evernote notes or emails (sent to yourself from an event) on points and tips of changes that you need to make to your services or products. There is no finite science and business is always growing and changing.

This is the time where you are going to force yourself to review your services. If you want to add something new or remove a service. You’ll also be analyzing your pricing. In some instances, perhaps raising your pricing isn’t the way to go, so perhaps reducing some of your time which in turn gives you a price increase. It’s like my favorite box of Wheat Thins. I noticed the price didn’t go up, but I am getting a smaller box and less Thins per ounce. Nice job, Nabisco.These are just suggestions, you know your market and pricing better than anyone.

This is the time to launch new things, tweak what you already do or not change a thing. At least you have taken the time to analyze it.

Happy Selling!

photo: Operational Excellence Perhaps you could look a little happier during this exercise than the angry dude above.