On the Fourth Day of Selling…

On the Fourth Day of Selling my sales coach gave to me….


This day is gonna be a good one. Take out all your marketing materials and lay them out on a clean table. Don’t forget your auto-responder emails, proposals, media packet, agreements, biz cards, etc. All of that should be included.

Now be careful, this is NOT a re-branding exercise (because let’s face it … that could take months). However you do want to keep your branding in mind. You are going to review all of your marketing materials paying close attention to your wording. Does your marketing and sales information reflect your company’s image? Or does it sound like everyone else?

Here’s an example (for planners):

We are a full-service, chic, boutique, luxury wedding planning company that offers our client a special and  perfect wedding day. We make your dreams come true with our professional bridal consultants that work tirelessly just for you.

I fell asleep writing that as I’m sure you did reading it. Look I’m not throwing stones. I’ve had the “Come to Jesus” meeting with our own marketing wording.

Why is this important? You want the right client for you and in order to do that, let’s not trick all the potential clients that will view your information. Be authentic and transparent with your wording. If your target client is really the mother of the bride, then be sure you are “speaking” to that person. If you’re hip and edgy, then let that shine.

One more thing. Please…. if you can say your message in 10 words then do so. Reduce the clutter of wording, because trust me, your potential clients are not reading it.

Happy Selling!

photo: Chronicle Books Blog