On the Eighth Day of Selling…

On the Eighth Day of Selling my sales coach gave to me….


This is a great time of year to send out a personal note of gratitude and simply make contact to vendors that you have worked with over the past year.

It’s more than just about gifts, it’s personal contact. And let’s face it. While we all have our clients (the bride and groom who pay our bills) our other clients are mutual vendors. We have to work together again.

Reach out and make a connection. This is not the time to ask for referrals, it’s a soft, marketing touch. There is nothing wrong with sending out a new pricing list or info about new services you may offer. But be sure it’s just to update.

It’s a time to celebrate and smile together since we have worked hard all year. And the best thing, you are now at the Top of Their Mind when a newly engaged, potential client comes along.

Happy Selling!

photo: Third Generation Photography. At a photobooth with photographer and assistant photographer.