real world, negotiating…

I came across this little gem on twitter and cannot remember who to credit.

The video really speaks for itself, my FAVORITE LINE is the last one.

Do any of you feel like this sometimes? Please share….

Happy Selling!

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4 Responses to “real world, negotiating…”

  1. bwahahahaha.
    No words.
    Just laughter.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by GET REAL sales coach, Lindsey R. Reagan. Lindsey R. Reagan said: Another great post by @saundrahadley real world, negotiating; http://j.mp/f0DUpR SERIOUSLY! Go watch! […]

  3. Jen says:

    Wow- this was my life two days ago. I so needed this laugh.

  4. Victorita says:

    amazing! :))) so true, though…
    I believe this is not only the case for vendors and clients, but also for vendors and other businesses that look in the wrong way for partners and referrals.
    eye popping, if you are not familiar with a human being “negotiating”. otherwise, for some, just day-to-day life. 😀

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