let’s do some business via facebook…

Most of you are already on it, so to speak, with Facebook. Photographers really took that particular Social Media platform by storm showing off their clients photos. I’ve spoke with countless photogs that continue to sing the praises of Facebook and the fact that it drives a lot of traffic to their business.

Recently I read that 75% of brides are on FB (sorry, I can’t source, I was reading in the middle of the night off my iPad). That is an outstanding number.

The trick is to use it correctly, but make sure it works for you.

Facebook has changed the look of their Fan Pages. Again (insert: rolling eyes). But one of the great things about these new changes, in my humble opinion is this:

  1. Fan Page Notifications: I can now receive an email when someone leaves a comment. It’s hard to keep up with everything so I’m really glad that now I can get an email when someone leaves a comment on my business page. You need to respond or at least acknowledge. It’s necessary to use Social Media for business, I wrote more about it here.
  2. Brand Awareness: Now I can sign in as my Fan Page (Company Name) and make comments or “like” around FB. Praise the Lord, sing out loud! Fabulous! Because sometimes my comments should be from my business and not my personal account (although, they cross over all the time). That is a branding opportunity!

Looks like we may have to find an extra ten minutes a day to do some Social Media Branding on Facebook.

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Happy Selling!