how much money do I make?

*warning* I have a little rant that has been brewing in me for awhile.

What the hell is up with event professionals who have moved into the coaching – teaching -mentoring field touting that they have built a “six-figure” business?


Six figures. You know, billing out six-figures and retaining a six-figure portfolio are two ENTIRELY different things.

You want to know how much I make?

None of your damn business.

This is how you know that I, and many other consultant professionals who educate others, are keeping it real.

People that are doing really well for themselves don’t brag about the money they bring in.

They just do.

It’s the same thing that I’ve said for years about someone who has to tell me they are a Christian in the first five minutes I meet them. Really? If you are, your works and actions will show it.

Shouldn’t it be more important when you choose to learn from someone (and pay them) that they have proven concepts to teach you? That they have experience in what they are teaching and the information that they teach has a solid foundation in common sense and is thought-provoking?

I do pretty well for myself. Some years are mucho better than others (welcome to self-employment in a turbulent market). This is real truth. I’m not writing this blog post from underneath a freeway underpass. I hear the WiFi is sketchy there.

If you are new to the event industry, tread carefully with “experts” who are using a gimmicky sales techniques to get your business. You can spot them easily. Their websites read like a bad informercial, with plenty of opportunities to click on a button to Buy It Now throughout their script of inflated promises.

And if you are ballin’, and billing out/retaining that kind of money…. then this post is not about you.

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Happy Selling!