where’s the sizzle?


It’s been a minute …

I’d give excuses, but I hate excuses. Also, I like to follow Scott Stratten’s philosophy on blogging. Blog when you have something to say, not to a set schedule.

So, I’ve been thinking and listening to others in the industry. The latest buzz is delivering “the experience” to your clients. What that experience entails, is for you to define. And I AGREE, with so many options for brides and reduced budgets there has to be something more for them. They have the experience and they tell 10 friends and so on. Referrals = business.

The challenge in my mind is how to sell “the experience”. You know, telling them you will “treat them like a king and queen” or “go the extra mile” or you give “110% at your weddings” (please quit saying those cliche comments) isn’t really going to cut it.

I’ve been looking at my own wedding planning company, we excel at delivering “the beef”. We’re solid, we do a good job, we make our clients laugh, we clean up their mistakes, etc. The “sizzle”, or the “experience” is something that we need to work on.

So this is what we are going to do:

  1. We’re going to revisit at our branding to ensure that we are delivering a consistent message or our USP.
  2. We’re going to look at our processes from the first phone call or email from a prospect all the way to the Monday after the bride/groom got married. Where can we add the sizzle?
  3. Then we are going to readdress the sales consult and how we can add in more of the sizzzzzz and still keep the beef.

Are you following me? Or now, are you just hungry like I am? I am hungry. I’m hungry for business!!!! Are you?

What are your strategies, what new things have you implemented? Would love to hear from you!

Happy Selling!

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3 Responses to “where’s the sizzle?”

  1. tami brown says:

    I like it!! SIZZLE!!

  2. Oh gooood god! Yes – people need to stop using those cliches. I think it’s helpful for people to not just “say” the sizzle but actually show it… and even more so: exude it. We can become so stale in our consults. We get into auto-pilot. But it’s important to get back to the sizzle… don’t just TALK about it. What sort of experience is crafted DURING the sales consult? Where do you meet? What do you talk about (that is non-wedding related)? How do you make the client feel about themselves? About their event? What value do you give to the client AT the meeting? (Let’s not give away the farm – but let’s give them a bite.) Thanks for the food for thought, Saundra!

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