GET REAL Sales Workshop :: Nashville, TN

Alert Homeland Security.
Kiss your loved ones.
Fasten your seat belts….

On August 8, 2011,

the one and only,

GET REAL Sales Workshop is coming to Nashville, TN

hosted by the fabulous Wedding 101 studios.


Here is a brief outline of the day:


9 – 9:30am Check In

9:30am – 12pm  Workshop

12-1:00pm  Hosted Lunch

1-4:30pm  Workshop

The Day:

·      Psychological Process of the Sale

·      Tracking your Sales Cycle

·      Setting Goals

·      Pre-Qualifying

·      Inquiry to Consult

·      The Consult Magic

·      Closing the Sale

·      Winning Proposals

·      Overcoming Objections

·      Top Sales Mistakes

·      Take No Hostages Negotiations

·      BONUS: How to Work your Bridal Show

Give me 7 hours and an open mind, and you will change the way you approach every potential sales client. As always, no abstract theories, just plain hard facts and applicable techniques.

$AVINGS: Because of the generosity of Wedding 101, this workshop is available to you at a DISCOUNT. Only $185 per person – early bird pricing (usually $255 per person).

<enter applause>

LIMITED SEATING: Don’t all workshops say that? But seriously, this one is limited to the first 20 people. We are all about and intimate group and there is a seating limitation. You don’t want to be sitting in the parking lot trying to hear what is going on. So please, if you are interested or know of someone that may be interested, please get move your mouse right now and click on the GET REAL Sales Workshop eventbrite and secure your seat!

This workshop is so awesome, that it should be illegal…

See you soon!

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happy selling!