a sales lesson in the dressing room…

I visited one of my favorite stores, Marshall’s the other day. I was in need of a few things and of course, ended up in the dressing room with SEVEN items to try on. I’m a girl. What do you expect?

Our local store has been in renovation for the past few months. With everything re-done, the store looks wonderful. Especially the dressing rooms! New stalls with fancy doors and the lighting is superb. What caught my eye though, made me stop and say “hmmmmm”.

Women know that when we start trying on a lot of clothes we start to divide them into groups in the dressing area. What we are going to buy, what we may be on the fence about and what we are not going to purchase.

Marshall’s in their infinite-always-selling-strategy, installed these cute little signs in various places inside the dressing room stall, to help you organize your clothes.

The first sign, “definitely” is what I noticed initially. I thought to myself, “How handy of them to think of this…” and placed my soon-to-be-purchased-new Levi’s on that hook. That’s when I started doing some investigation around the dressing room.

The second sign, “possibly” was another great idea. Makes sense, right? Because sometimes you aren’t sure about your purchase. It’s not a yes, nor is it a no. You might have to try it on again. Which is exactly what I did with a pair of Express pants.

The last sign is what stopped me in my tracks. “tomorrow”. I didn’t see a sign that said, “No.” or “Not Buying”. I saw something that gave me a little hope, that I may go home, kick myself for not buying that new shirt and come back tomorrow for the purchase.

See how subliminal the selling message is? If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a 100x. Selling is a mind thing. Creating desire and filling the need.

Do you view your potential clients like that? Or do you get down and let the negative, creepy thoughts that multiply quickly into your brain when you haven’t closed the sale immediately?

Always have a little hope. Sometimes the “no” sale might be made today, but “tomorrow” it might be turned into a “yes”.

ps I loved the fact they used all lower case on the signs. That means nothing to you, except it made me happy.

pss I did not purchase the Express pants.

happy selling!