you don’t deserve to be treated …

… rudely. E V E R.

I’m flying in an airplane right now, coming back from speaking at WedSmith a fabulous wedding conference in Utah. I’ll be highlighting that conference as well as, A Wedding Preview Event that I attended in August. I’m behind. I know.

Back to the subject …

Yesterday, while speaking I had asked the audience a question and someone had mentioned that while she was at a sales consult, her prospective client told her that her portfolio was ugly. Of course, I had an instant cheeky come-back which I gladly shared with everyone.

However this morning I could not get this scenario out of my mind. The sheer audacity of some people.

Always remember: No one has the right to speak to you rudely or suggest you feel inferior about your work, especially when it is subjective.

I don’t care if it is a prospective client, your spouse, your boss, a friend, someone you bumped into on the street or sitting next to on a plane.

As Simon T. Bailey said yesterday, “What other people think of you is not your problem”. That includes prospective clients.

Next time, if someone ever treats you like that… close your portfolio book, look them right in the eye, and say, “If you feel this way then there is no need to continue this meeting. It’s a waste of my valuable time”.

Stand up to leave and on your way out the door, be sure to cuff him really hard in the back of the head. He deserves it. You are nobody’s wedding bitch.

ps Ever had something happen like this to you? If so, please share…

Happy Selling!