welcome 2013!

I’m surprised I’m here to write this blog post. We seemed to make it past 12.21.12.

The last quarter of 2012 has been a whirlwind, thus my absence from this blog. The real truth is that I have been simply exhausted. #realtalk alert!

Don’t worry, I’m not complaining … it’s nothing super serious. I just seem to have misplaced my inspiration somewhere. It was just here just a minute ago. I’ve looked for it everywhere and am bound and determined to find it!!!

I’m even tagging along with Lara Casey and her movement in mapping out your 2013. She’s a lot sweeter than I am with her delivery of encouragement and while I may need insulin injections reading her blog posts, she’s spot on with her step-by-step process for goal setting. I encourage you to check it out and a big bonus, you get to see photos of her adorable little Ginger baby.

If you are anything like me, these slumps happen, but are short-lived. I’m sure I will get encouraged when I attend (and speak) at The Special Event in Chicago, Illinois in a few weeks. It won’t be as epic as 2012 TSE, but I’m sure it will be memorable and more importantly, inspiring. I’m taking roll call and would love to see you, so please leave a comment if you are going!

I also would like to thank Polka Dot Bride and Girl Friday Weddings for taking the chance on me and flew me out to speak at the Project Innovate in freaking Sydney, Australia. Surreal to have a long-time bucket list goal be checked off and now, I’m an “International Speaker”. *tosses hair*

Sooooo, off to make lists and scribble out some reflections. It’s freezing outside so I might as well do some work!

happy new year to everyone!