this website is no longer being updated

Hello, you sales beasts!

This blog is no longer being updated but will be left for archivable purposes. I want to thank everyone who hired me to speak at their conferences and attendees who hopefully gleaned at least one small nugget from me to help them with their business. My last speaking engagement was in 2014 (although I have been contacted since then).

I stepped into a Sales Coach for event professionals by accident. Running my own event planning business (now entering 16 years) I was asked to speak in 2009 at an inaugural state conference. I was told that I could speak about anything I wanted to. So I did. With years of background in sales experience and training, I talked about closing the sale. It was at Eventology 2009 and I still have my speaking engagement in a frame in my studio.

It was well received. It was also a time where people could connect easily with others. Remember when Twitter was the shit? From there, I was asked to speak this small meeting, this conference and then … actually created my own workshops that I delivered in four states. The best gig ever was my keynote speech in Australia. Bucket List, check!

However, what you might not know about me is that I am also my elderly mother’s caretaker. She suffers from a mental illness and quite often, I was asked to speak during some of my busiest event planning times AND my mom would be in the hospital at the same time. I became stretched very thin, extremely stressed and wanted to be there for my only son (child) graduating high school.

I loved every minute traveling around the country. But I also got a little tired too. And during the short time I started to pull back, many other coaches have come on the scene. Many of them are awesome and I know them personally. I applaud their commitment to carrying on with the coaching torch and helping others who need assistance in developing their own business.

It’s been an awesome ride. I (heart) everyone I’ve met through this journey. Please don’t be a stranger and drop me a line sometime. saundra(at)