hello, i’m saundra:

my purpose…

I want to help event professionals achieve their sales goals by using proven methods that will increase their sales closure. I do not teach MLM business methods or tout ridiculous income figures. Selling is a difficult, make no mistake about it. And you know as biz owners, it’s a critical part to running our business. You must be effective, resilient and always open to learning new skills, no matter how long you have been in business. However, this is not my full-time job. I’m a full-time owner of an event planning business, with all the in’s and out’s that go with that on a daily basis. See? I’m just like you. Out there everyday, working for the dollar. If I can help you, then cool.


1. I own an intentionally small and client-driven event planning business, planning…forever events where we plan weddings and corporate events. This pays my mortgage and is my primary source of income.

2. Every personal or business decision I make always puts my husband and my son first. Everything else may fade away, but my family is paramount and the only thing that matters at the end of the day.

3. I speak to event professionals through-out the country and nothing energizes me more than helping people really get it and do better.

4. I’m on live TV every week on Local 7 Lifestyles. I’ve been doing this for the past five years.

5. Wearing Chuck Taylors has become my brand. I stumbled into this by accident, but have embraced it. Don’t ask how may I own. And I wear size 5 men’s or size 7 women’s if you wish to send me a pair. 5625 pearl drive suite f #317, evansville, indiana 47712

another lifetime ago…

1. I planned corporate events for a medical division owned by 3M Corporation (the post-it guys) for elite doctors and their wives.

2. I worked for eight years for a media division owned by Scripps Media and sold advertising and marketing solutions. I sold internet ads (before it was even popular), print, special publications, trade shows and created ad campaigns that would cross all types of media for my clients. My days were full of high commission quota’s, cold calling, formal presentations, sales training, listening to clients and developing plans to increase their business.

3. A looooong time ago I was a paid extra in an Elvira movie. Easiest money I’ve ever made.

4. I’ve traveled the country to train government workers and attorney’s on how to use a privately owned software that helped them track business inquiries.

5. At 20, I created a line of purses that I custom designed and sewed myself.


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