video about upcoming speaking gigs

A little message from me regarding upcoming speaking gigs in September..

upcoming speaking gigs… from GET REAL sales coach on Vimeo.

Interested in hearing me speak, please check out these links below:

project : INNOVATE tickets purchased here

ps. Can you believe how dark and long my hair is?

happy selling!

promo video: GET REAL sales workshop

At the GET REAL Sales Workshop in Nashville a couple of week’s ago, John Jordan Films attended and shot a promotional video for me. It now is proudly on the sidebar of the website.


Get Real Sales Workshop with Saundra Hadley from John Jordan Films on Vimeo.

Let me know what you think?

ps More workshops are in the planning coming to a city near you! Contact me if you are interested in hosting one.

pss Huge thanks to Wedding 101 for their beautiful studio space.

happy selling!

get real sales tip :: bridal shows

It’s BRIDAL SHOW season! yup yup yup!

So here are two quick get real sales tips regarding working your bridal show. You’ll want to watch, because when I say “get real”, that is exactly what I mean.

Big thanks to #HusbandWonder who bought me a tripod for Christmas. A much needed gift.

Now if he can just purchase the “soft Barbra Streisand lens” for my camera…. my life would be complete.

ps Let me know what you think AND … what do you see that happens at bridal shows? This should be interesting….

happy selling!

get real sales tip :: sources for more referrals

Video series on quick and dirty sales tips. I tried using my iPhone 4 …. not bad quality but not as good as the other camera.

This tip:  Sources for getting more referrals.

Happy Selling!

get real sales tip :: before your next consult

A little series I’ll be doing, giving you some juicy “get real sales tips” via the video. And anyone who wants to give me some editing tips so my frozen video doesn’t make me look like a blow up doll, that would be appreciated.

This tip: Something to think about before you go on your next sales consult or reply to your next business inquiry.

Happy Selling!