#sales411 tweets coming up!

Starting on Monday, August 20th and for the next 5 weeks (yeah baby, I’m back) I’ll be posting a #sales411 tweet every week day at 7:30am CST. 

What the heck is that?

Well first, you need to be on twitter. Where have you been?

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Little tid-bits of sales advice and encouragement. Once a week day. Please feel to Retweet them or save them. Be sure to respond if you agree or disagree or have an additional comment to add.

We all learn from each other.

happy selling!

what’s on your sales playlist?

I talk about this all the time at my live events. Music is something that is super powerful. It can be make you sad. It can make you dance. It can make you feel like your ten feet tall.

So I have a bad ass playlist that I play “on the way’ to a sales consult. I love all genres of music, from mild gangsta rap to country, so my entire sales playlist reflects my tastes. People ask me all the time what I play. Sometimes it’s just songs that make me smile. Some songs make me bang on the steering wheel and throw my other hand in the air. Whatever. I just want the swagger when I walk into the consult.

Here’s a glimpse of my playlist:


Don’t be hatin on any songs that may offend you. I didn’t name them, nor are they g-rated. That’s how it goes sometimes and I keep it real.

What’s on your playlist?

happy selling!

update: I had a really good friend that tell me that one of the songs that was listed here was kinda sad/offensive. I think it was the ugly word right THERE on the screen. I didn’t mean any offense to ANYONE and made an adjustment to the photo. However, I still love that song and won’t apologize for that.

why i have email on my phone

My good friend, Michelle Loretta wrote a blog post on Why I Took Email Off My Phone on her fabulous business blog, Sage Wedding Pro’s. Let me warn you, that while I believe Michelle is brilliant in many, many things … she’s a little crazy. Like this blog post for example.

Fundamentally, I understand what she is saying. I’m a social media junkie. But even I get a little tired. I have backed off a little this summer (my stupid Klout score reflects that). We need to take time to read a paper book (*gasp*), take a walk, clear our minds, etc. And I totally agree.

However, this is why I disagree with her.

The main reason I work for myself is the ability to be remote and work. This was my goal from the very beginning. I have a beautiful studio (newly painted), but I also work at our summer camp (where my view is a flowing river), at a coffee shop, waiting to get my tires fixed, etc. I love it. I’ve done the corporate cubicle thing which included outside sales (whoopee, stuck in a car). It’s not how I pump out my best work.

And this is WHY I pay a data plan with an iPhone (before a Blackberry) to be able to respond to necessary emails during work hours. My clients do not need to know that I’m not sitting behind my desk in my studio. All their files our on my Dropbox and easily accessed.

I must disgress, notice I said “work hours”. You MUST set and adhere to work hours when you work from home/remote. Trust me, if you don’t you will become a slave and lose your mind. Ours is 9am-6pm, Tuesday – Friday. I recently started setting the “vacation responder” to let clients or potential new clients (you know they always seem to email inquiries around 2am on a Saturday) know that if they email us Saturday-Monday, we are not in the office.

Of course, I will sometimes still work during off hours. It’s my choice. If I drive my mom around for doctor’s appointments all Tuesday morning, then I may need to catch up on work from 3-8pm. This is the glory and hallaleiugh of being self-employed and remote. Note: I save my return emails to be sent out during our business working hours.

Back to Michelle’s post; her point was not to be checking emails all the time. Totally agree. Instead of turning her email function “off” on her iPhone I suggest something else.

First I have like a dozen freaking email accounts and they all come in to my iPhone via Google Gmail. So on a weekend, I want to see my personal email, it’s like a phone call from a friend except with a lot of stupid spam. BUT, you can actually choose which emails show up on your iPhone when you first open your Mail button.

Take a look at mine:


My gmail accounts are all personal. I can click on Accounts/Gmail accounts/Inbox and that is all I see when I click the heavenly blue Mail button. This is opposed to selecting All Inboxes.

So when I’m on vacation or extended period of time and want to catch up on things, I can choose just to see incoming emails from my personal emails. Cool, huh?

One more thing, cause my twitter friends were calling me out as we discussed and debated this subject. I have insomnia sometimes. Sucks. I sleep four hours, wake up for several and go back to sleep for two more. So in the middle of the night (although experts tell you not to), I will read my Facebook or Twitter. Something social and light. I’ll read a blog. It makes me tired. I do not check my email. How is this possible? I just don’t do it. I have learned that getting an email in the middle of the night will make your brain start overworking thinking and sleepy time will never come again.

Shutting off email on my phone would mean that I would miss out. Just yesterday I was sitting in the chair getting my hair done at 10:30am, I purposely checked my email hoping to hear back from a potential new client that was checking our references. The email came through, it was nice to know that I just sold a full service wedding for 2013. Of course, I could have received a bad email; but that’s just the yin and yang of it all.

Now if I had small children again, I might have a different viewpoint. Mine is a permit-driving, sixteen year old which is balking as to why HE doesn’t have a smart phone. I told him to get a job.

What are you thoughts? Where do you stand on this issue? Is Michelle right? Are you addicted? Do I have a point?

ps Don’t forget to put your real email signature on your smart phone so you don’t “look” remote to your clients.

happy email checking!

working on the site…

You may see a few changes around here … working on the website for a more simpler, cleaner look. So if you see a few things broken, please don’t be concerned.

Also working on some great new things for upcoming conferences!

happy selling!

speaking at project: INNOVATE in syndey, australia !

The secret is out! I’ll be speaking at project: INNOVATE in beautiful Sydney, Australia on September 11, 2012! The producers of this one-of-a-kind event have been working together for months and I am personally thrilled to be able to attend and be asked to speak on “Selling for Wedding Professionals”.

First, I’ve had a mad blog crush on Polka Dot Bride for about five years. What’s not to love about this lovely Australian? Then I was introduced to Girl Friday Weddings and Sarah has been wonderful to work with. I could listen to her on Skype for hours (I know, totally cliche about the Aussie accent, but she also is pretty darn funny).

What these two business entities have done, is take it upon themselves to boost the professional environment of the event industry in your area to: educate, participate and colloborate. I hope if you live near Sydney, that you will take a moment to stop and learn more about this event. And of course, book your ticket.

Like a good online-dating profile, you should know two things about me:

  1. Coming to Australia has been on my “bucket list” since I was about 16 years old. And this was several years before the movie, “Crocodile Dundee” came out. On behalf of all Americans, I would like to apologize for that movie and any sequel afterwards. Nope, it wasn’t that. I was simply enamored with your beautiful country.
  2. I didn’t know that so many people liked me until I told them I would be traveling to Australia … apparently, I have a lot of “friends” who would love to simply carry my luggage.

For fun, I thought I’d do some research regarding popular slang terms that Australians use. Try to bridge the gap, if you will. I turned to Google (where all answers to questions in life are found) and stumbled across a web page of Dictionary of Australian Slang. I was searching for one word, to see if there would be any major difference.

I wasn’t surprised. I have found that the one word that is pretty much universal is …  “money” (one of my favorites).

And that, my soon-to-be new friends is what we are going to talk about. Money, money, money … via closing the sale. Because if you are not catching up and learning new sales tricks or perfecting old sales tricks, then you may be losing out.

The world is changing. Our clients are changing. Our industry is changing. Some standard sales practices may hold true, but it’s time to step it up. We work in a creative field, we need to use those resources to excite, lure, entice and close our potential clients.

We may live on two different hemispheres, but trust me, we have the same core challenges.

Can’t wait to meet you all! Be prepared to laugh and learn. It’s on, baby!

happy selling!