my 2013 manifesto & the wedding industry

I will be speaking at the ABC Midwest Retreat at the beautiful West Baden Hotel next month. As I mulled over what to speak about, my fuzzy thoughts begun to form clearly in my mind. I know that I want to do something different.

So, I have begun my 2013 Manifesto for the wedding industry and personal goals. Think Jerry Maguire without the “You had me at Hello”).

I’ll be celebrating 10 years in this crazy, loving and wonderful industry. This is a short time compared to many, but long enough to be considered seasoned and to recognize that we have some cray-cray stuff going on.

  • Price undercutting
  • Blatant theivary of ideas and information amongst each other
  • Stress of balancing personal life with a business that offers very personal services
  • Strategies of how to manage the milleniual brides (Facebook, texting, Pinterest, strong demands to be available at any given moment to them)
  • Influx of new businesses that do not have the proper experience
  • How to develop new business
  • How to change up your sales game to ensure accuracy
  • Client Service Relations
  • How to stay relevant, in a quickly changing world

and the list goes on….

Honestly, I have some concerns about how it will be received, but as always, if I have something to say, I just say it. Because I know the people that come to me personally (behind-the-scenes) have the same issues, while they may not show it or talk about it with their peers.

It’s time to get real.

Especially since the media has decided to take out their cross-hairs and point it towards our industry. Yes, I’m referring to the (sensational) 20/20 news story of our industry. Everyone loves a good story of secracy and probable deception. It was one-sided and biased, as usual.

Funny thing, I actually had gotten off my butt and started an editorial calendar for my planning blog and had written this blog post entitled, Is the Wedding Industry Ripping You Off? I had wrote that blog post TWO WEEKS before the 20/20 segment aired, scheduled it and then forgot about it. Ah, I love irony and timing. Be sure to take a look at it and more importantly the comment section. One of my full-service clients chimed in (and thought the 20/20 story was ridiculous).

There have been some other followup stories as well. I almost hesitate to post this one, just because I would not like to give it anymore links or credibility that it deserves, but here goes: What the Wedding Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know This was written a planner who must have her own agenda and also has been in the business about as along as I have. Prepare to sit down to read it, it’s a mind-reeling, tilt your head to one-side, what in the hell were you thinking, doozy. One more reason I will NOT be watching the Ricki Lake show and will just tune into Ellen who’s sign-off is always, “Be Kind to One Another”.

Finally, I loved this follow up story from Susan Southerland, 20/20 Wedding Confidential: Negativity Sells Why yes ma’am, it certainly does.

As an industry, we can either look the other way, shake our heads and not say anything or we can ban together and make comments on blog posts, Facebook threads that attack our industry. We all know that we aren’t millionnaires (well 96.8% of us are not) in this crazy industry. We work out of the love of what we do, flexibility and the satisfaction from our clients. Although on some days, it is very hard to remember this.

So what say you? What’s your 2013 Manifesto? It’s more than goal writing, sometimes they are simply statements that define who you and your business and what you want to stay true to and accomplish. It’s a great reminder to go back to as the year gets going.

Love to hear your thoughts.

happy selling!

welcome 2013!

I’m surprised I’m here to write this blog post. We seemed to make it past 12.21.12.

The last quarter of 2012 has been a whirlwind, thus my absence from this blog. The real truth is that I have been simply exhausted. #realtalk alert!

Don’t worry, I’m not complaining … it’s nothing super serious. I just seem to have misplaced my inspiration somewhere. It was just here just a minute ago. I’ve looked for it everywhere and am bound and determined to find it!!!

I’m even tagging along with Lara Casey and her movement in mapping out your 2013. She’s a lot sweeter than I am with her delivery of encouragement and while I may need insulin injections reading her blog posts, she’s spot on with her step-by-step process for goal setting. I encourage you to check it out and a big bonus, you get to see photos of her adorable little Ginger baby.

If you are anything like me, these slumps happen, but are short-lived. I’m sure I will get encouraged when I attend (and speak) at The Special Event in Chicago, Illinois in a few weeks. It won’t be as epic as 2012 TSE, but I’m sure it will be memorable and more importantly, inspiring. I’m taking roll call and would love to see you, so please leave a comment if you are going!

I also would like to thank Polka Dot Bride and Girl Friday Weddings for taking the chance on me and flew me out to speak at the Project Innovate in freaking Sydney, Australia. Surreal to have a long-time bucket list goal be checked off and now, I’m an “International Speaker”. *tosses hair*

Sooooo, off to make lists and scribble out some reflections. It’s freezing outside so I might as well do some work!

happy new year to everyone!

just wanted to say…

Original quote. By me.

NOW, you can carry on.

what’s on your sales playlist?

I talk about this all the time at my live events. Music is something that is super powerful. It can be make you sad. It can make you dance. It can make you feel like your ten feet tall.

So I have a bad ass playlist that I play “on the way’ to a sales consult. I love all genres of music, from mild gangsta rap to country, so my entire sales playlist reflects my tastes. People ask me all the time what I play. Sometimes it’s just songs that make me smile. Some songs make me bang on the steering wheel and throw my other hand in the air. Whatever. I just want the swagger when I walk into the consult.

Here’s a glimpse of my playlist:


Don’t be hatin on any songs that may offend you. I didn’t name them, nor are they g-rated. That’s how it goes sometimes and I keep it real.

What’s on your playlist?

happy selling!

update: I had a really good friend that tell me that one of the songs that was listed here was kinda sad/offensive. I think it was the ugly word right THERE on the screen. I didn’t mean any offense to ANYONE and made an adjustment to the photo. However, I still love that song and won’t apologize for that.

a sales lesson in the dressing room…

I visited one of my favorite stores, Marshall’s the other day. I was in need of a few things and of course, ended up in the dressing room with SEVEN items to try on. I’m a girl. What do you expect?

Our local store has been in renovation for the past few months. With everything re-done, the store looks wonderful. Especially the dressing rooms! New stalls with fancy doors and the lighting is superb. What caught my eye though, made me stop and say “hmmmmm”.

Women know that when we start trying on a lot of clothes we start to divide them into groups in the dressing area. What we are going to buy, what we may be on the fence about and what we are not going to purchase.

Marshall’s in their infinite-always-selling-strategy, installed these cute little signs in various places inside the dressing room stall, to help you organize your clothes.

The first sign, “definitely” is what I noticed initially. I thought to myself, “How handy of them to think of this…” and placed my soon-to-be-purchased-new Levi’s on that hook. That’s when I started doing some investigation around the dressing room.

The second sign, “possibly” was another great idea. Makes sense, right? Because sometimes you aren’t sure about your purchase. It’s not a yes, nor is it a no. You might have to try it on again. Which is exactly what I did with a pair of Express pants.

The last sign is what stopped me in my tracks. “tomorrow”. I didn’t see a sign that said, “No.” or “Not Buying”. I saw something that gave me a little hope, that I may go home, kick myself for not buying that new shirt and come back tomorrow for the purchase.

See how subliminal the selling message is? If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a 100x. Selling is a mind thing. Creating desire and filling the need.

Do you view your potential clients like that? Or do you get down and let the negative, creepy thoughts that multiply quickly into your brain when you haven’t closed the sale immediately?

Always have a little hope. Sometimes the “no” sale might be made today, but “tomorrow” it might be turned into a “yes”.

ps I loved the fact they used all lower case on the signs. That means nothing to you, except it made me happy.

pss I did not purchase the Express pants.

happy selling!