i’m back … red hot sales tips in columbus, ohio

Like a good case of cooties, you can’t get rid of me. Where the hell have I been, right?

Heads up Columbus, Ohio peeps ( go Buckeyes! ) I’m heading your way next week!

latest speaking event alert

This Event is hosted by Wedding Market and with The Wedding Professionals of Columbus Monthly Meeting:

Event: Tuesday, March 11th
Time: 11:00am to 9:00pm
Location: The Blackwell
Address: 2110 Tuttle Park Pl, Columbus, OH 43210
Price: $25  Include Red Hot Sales Tips Presentation & Dinner

(you get dinner and hear me speak for $25? – whoa!)

Don’t wait, this is a no-brainer. Click here and reserve your space right now!

more about me, haha –

Red Hot Sales Tips!

You’ve NEVER been to a sales presentation like this. Straightforward, sinfully honest, red-hot sales tips that you may instantly use to increase your sales when you leave. The beauty of the variety of tips is that we’ll uncover everything from attracting your client, being prepared to quickly build rapport & trust, upsell services, chemistry of selling, how to use social media to sell and more. Useful for all vendors in the event industry.

you’ll have fun

We’ll talk about all kinds of sales challenges and random tips, including a little marketing and the techniques of soft-selling through social media. Come with your questions and can’t wait to meet you! And I cannot wait to stay at the fabulous Blackwell …

happy selling!

my 2013 manifesto & the wedding industry

I will be speaking at the ABC Midwest Retreat at the beautiful West Baden Hotel next month. As I mulled over what to speak about, my fuzzy thoughts begun to form clearly in my mind. I know that I want to do something different.

So, I have begun my 2013 Manifesto for the wedding industry and personal goals. Think Jerry Maguire without the “You had me at Hello”).

I’ll be celebrating 10 years in this crazy, loving and wonderful industry. This is a short time compared to many, but long enough to be considered seasoned and to recognize that we have some cray-cray stuff going on.

  • Price undercutting
  • Blatant theivary of ideas and information amongst each other
  • Stress of balancing personal life with a business that offers very personal services
  • Strategies of how to manage the milleniual brides (Facebook, texting, Pinterest, strong demands to be available at any given moment to them)
  • Influx of new businesses that do not have the proper experience
  • How to develop new business
  • How to change up your sales game to ensure accuracy
  • Client Service Relations
  • How to stay relevant, in a quickly changing world

and the list goes on….

Honestly, I have some concerns about how it will be received, but as always, if I have something to say, I just say it. Because I know the people that come to me personally (behind-the-scenes) have the same issues, while they may not show it or talk about it with their peers.

It’s time to get real.

Especially since the media has decided to take out their cross-hairs and point it towards our industry. Yes, I’m referring to the (sensational) 20/20 news story of our industry. Everyone loves a good story of secracy and probable deception. It was one-sided and biased, as usual.

Funny thing, I actually had gotten off my butt and started an editorial calendar for my planning blog and had written this blog post entitled, Is the Wedding Industry Ripping You Off? I had wrote that blog post TWO WEEKS before the 20/20 segment aired, scheduled it and then forgot about it. Ah, I love irony and timing. Be sure to take a look at it and more importantly the comment section. One of my full-service clients chimed in (and thought the 20/20 story was ridiculous).

There have been some other followup stories as well. I almost hesitate to post this one, just because I would not like to give it anymore links or credibility that it deserves, but here goes: What the Wedding Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know This was written a planner who must have her own agenda and also has been in the business about as along as I have. Prepare to sit down to read it, it’s a mind-reeling, tilt your head to one-side, what in the hell were you thinking, doozy. One more reason I will NOT be watching the Ricki Lake show and will just tune into Ellen who’s sign-off is always, “Be Kind to One Another”.

Finally, I loved this follow up story from Susan Southerland, 20/20 Wedding Confidential: Negativity Sells Why yes ma’am, it certainly does.

As an industry, we can either look the other way, shake our heads and not say anything or we can ban together and make comments on blog posts, Facebook threads that attack our industry. We all know that we aren’t millionnaires (well 96.8% of us are not) in this crazy industry. We work out of the love of what we do, flexibility and the satisfaction from our clients. Although on some days, it is very hard to remember this.

So what say you? What’s your 2013 Manifesto? It’s more than goal writing, sometimes they are simply statements that define who you and your business and what you want to stay true to and accomplish. It’s a great reminder to go back to as the year gets going.

Love to hear your thoughts.

happy selling!

video about upcoming speaking gigs

A little message from me regarding upcoming speaking gigs in September..

upcoming speaking gigs… from GET REAL sales coach on Vimeo.

Interested in hearing me speak, please check out these links below:

project : INNOVATE tickets purchased here

ps. Can you believe how dark and long my hair is?

happy selling!

speaking at project: INNOVATE in syndey, australia !

The secret is out! I’ll be speaking at project: INNOVATE in beautiful Sydney, Australia on September 11, 2012! The producers of this one-of-a-kind event have been working together for months and I am personally thrilled to be able to attend and be asked to speak on “Selling for Wedding Professionals”.

First, I’ve had a mad blog crush on Polka Dot Bride for about five years. What’s not to love about this lovely Australian? Then I was introduced to Girl Friday Weddings and Sarah has been wonderful to work with. I could listen to her on Skype for hours (I know, totally cliche about the Aussie accent, but she also is pretty darn funny).

What these two business entities have done, is take it upon themselves to boost the professional environment of the event industry in your area to: educate, participate and colloborate. I hope if you live near Sydney, that you will take a moment to stop and learn more about this event. And of course, book your ticket.

Like a good online-dating profile, you should know two things about me:

  1. Coming to Australia has been on my “bucket list” since I was about 16 years old. And this was several years before the movie, “Crocodile Dundee” came out. On behalf of all Americans, I would like to apologize for that movie and any sequel afterwards. Nope, it wasn’t that. I was simply enamored with your beautiful country.
  2. I didn’t know that so many people liked me until I told them I would be traveling to Australia … apparently, I have a lot of “friends” who would love to simply carry my luggage.

For fun, I thought I’d do some research regarding popular slang terms that Australians use. Try to bridge the gap, if you will. I turned to Google (where all answers to questions in life are found) and stumbled across a web page of Dictionary of Australian Slang. I was searching for one word, to see if there would be any major difference.

I wasn’t surprised. I have found that the one word that is pretty much universal is …  “money” (one of my favorites).

And that, my soon-to-be new friends is what we are going to talk about. Money, money, money … via closing the sale. Because if you are not catching up and learning new sales tricks or perfecting old sales tricks, then you may be losing out.

The world is changing. Our clients are changing. Our industry is changing. Some standard sales practices may hold true, but it’s time to step it up. We work in a creative field, we need to use those resources to excite, lure, entice and close our potential clients.

We may live on two different hemispheres, but trust me, we have the same core challenges.

Can’t wait to meet you all! Be prepared to laugh and learn. It’s on, baby!

happy selling!

don’t approach other vendors like this…

When starting out with your new business, there is a never ending stream of questions that have to be answered. Believe me, it doesn’t get easier as you move forward.

I’m sure that anyone who has been in business for more than a few years has received an email simliar to this one (please take a moment to read):

Um, where do I begin with this.

I suppose the planner that received this “inquisition” should be grateful that she was NOT contacted by a local aspiring wedding planner. While it was suppose to be “general ideas”, I counted 15 specific questions.

Receiving an email like this is similar to someone walking into your home, seeing your children and saying, “My gosh your children are so beautiful. Do you mind if I take one of them?”. Building a business and growing one is very similar and personal to raising a child.

What deeply concerns me is when I see new business people acting lazy and not putting any effort into learning the art of starting a business for themselves. Would you contact people that you have never met before and ask for money? The earned business knowledge and the time it would take to truly answer all these questions, is worth a dollar figure. I get it. This industry looks so easy and glamorous. Everyone wants to be a photographer, planner, baker, DJ, etc.

TEACHING MOMENT: A better approach would be to FIRST try to build a relationship with another business person that you respect and may have more experience than you. Let this relationship grow organically till you both have trust. THEN you can ask a few questions and MUTUALLY share information and ideas. You must have something to share with others, even if you are new to the industry.

There really is no excuse to send out emails like this. You have so much opportunity at your finger tips! Facebook, Twitter, online groups, conferences, workshops and more! So it is simply ridiculous not to take advantage of these opportunities. But you need to work for it!

I’ve asked for help and have shared information (just yesterday morning I sent a copy of my corporate agreement to another planner who I have not met in person, but have forged a relationship online for several years. We’ve even exchanged Christmas cards last year). My BFF, Jennifer Ramirez-Jasiczek who lives in Texas, shared a lot of her information when we “first met” online 9 years ago. But trust me, we first built a relationship. It’s an investment worth having.

Emails like this, however, will close the door. Forever.

Your thoughts or experiences with this? 

ps It also sucks to ask for comprehensive notes from another vendor who invested in attending an expensive conference. They shell out the $3k and you ask them for all their information. What are you giving in return?

pss Thanks to Elisa Delgardio with A Flair for Affairs for sharing this email with us.

happy selling!