On the Sixth Day of Selling…

On the Sixth Day of Selling my sales coach gave to me….


If you were paying close attention to Fifth Day of Selling you probably thought that I accidentally left out your Blog when talking about your Website revamp.

Nope, your blog is so important (especially to us vendors who use Flash websites) that it gets its’ own personal day.

Some of you may think that just because your potential clients or current clients aren’t making comments on your blog, that mostly vendors are reading it. You are most likely very wrong.

So stop and take a fresh look at your blog. Besides the yummy goodness of free wedding information and portraits, is it really simple for the average blog reader to access your website and contact you for a prospective consult? Does it have a link that states something about your company and what services you offer?

As you know, blogs aren’t a hard selling tool. But it is still, very much, a selling tool. I’ve given plenty of sales consults where I didn’t have to spend much time talking about myself, the team or our philosophy. They already knew, by the flavor of the company blog. It’s selling you!! So be sure that if they like what they are reading, they can easily find out more about you!

Happy Selling!

ps You may want to consider your Facebook Fan page in this as well. And your Twitter page. Is it branded with your logo and photo?

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On the Fifth Day of Selling…

On the Fifth Day of Selling my sales coach gave to me….


Update your photos with new brides and grooms. Review your About page and update. Check information on your Bio to ensure accuracy. Be sure that your Contact information is clearly listed (telephone number, mailing address, email address and please, PLEASE what area of the country you are located in). Change the copyright date at the bottom to reflect the new year. Double check that your Contact Form is still working. And so on…

You’ll want to utilize the same skills you did yesterday with your website wording. Review to ensure you have action selling words and phrases that most of your potential clients use to find your site. You’ll check your Google Analytics to see what words to beef up.

Remember the ease of the navigation and content is more important than the look and feel of your site. You will be bored LONG of your marketing and branding look before your potential clients will be.

Keep things simple. Your first photos on your site should draw a person in, because you only have a couple of seconds.

For selling purposes, remember to have at least your starting prices. Statistics show that is what clients want to see.

Happy Selling!

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coming to Nashville…on a “Simple Plan”

If you are near the Nashville, TN area on November 15  – 16 th AND you are:

A. New to the event industry with your business   OR

B. Have been in business for awhile, but need to stop and re-direct your plan of action on conquering the wedding world…..

Then you need to come to The Simple Plan produced by Sage Wedding Pros. This two-day, intensive workshop is a No-Sweat, No-Fuss, Piece-of-Cake, Easy-Peasy Approach to Writing Your Business Plan.

Michelle Loretta and Kelly Simants put on a GREAT workshop. And unfortunately, do to personal reasons, Kelly cannot attend this Nashville workshop.

ENTER ME! I’ll be (attempting, lamely) to fill in for Kelly and talk about the marketing portion of the workshop. Channeling over 13 years of experience working in the marketing field and selling advertising solutions to a wide range of clients, I’ll be bringing you a cohesive, learning experience.

Shhhh….if we have time, I’ll answer your sales questions too!

So what are you waiting for? The deadline to sign up is Thursday, November 11th! Go look at the registration for the important details. Right now!

GO! Oh…here’s the link:  The Simple Plan Workshop

Happy Selling and Business Plan Creating!

Is your BRANDING stopping you?

There has been increasing discussion about branding; your company’s professional image so you may attract your target client. Very important strategic part of your business, I’m not suggesting otherwise.

However…. what happens when branding our biz becomes our obsession? Hey, this is a creative industry … we can all spend A LOT of hours lamenting over what font to use or how to round the corners of our blog photos. Or is it just me that does that?

Not having the right or perfect brand can easily become an excuse for a business owner. “I didn’t sell that new client because I didn’t buy letterpress business cards.”

Ask yourself, is it becoming an excuse for you not to move forward? To getting off your butt, heading out the door to look for new ways of networking and finding new clients?

My latest business crush has been with the UnMarketing guru Scott Straten (you should follow him on Twitter). His schtick? Stop marketing and start engaging. Isn’t that so simple?

People buy from people, not things. Especially when you are talking about the uber personal business of weddings. You will not miss your next sale because the loop on your logo isn’t perfect.

Quit worrying. Quit making excuses. Quit belaboring your branding decisions. And, in the words of a formidable brand, Just Do It!

Happy Selling!

Don’t FRET about what other vendors CHARGE

My blog post yesterday created a stir. It’s a problem that I hear about at every convention, gchat, tweet, telephone conversation and personal emails from other vendors. With a down economy and the high rate of people losing their jobs, it is natural to see an influx of newcomers in EVERY industry, and that includes the event & wedding industry.

I say they are mostly newcomers because I don’t find the veteran vendors charging mere hundreds for many hours of service. They know they cannot sustain nor make a living as a self-employed business person. With that said, I understand that we are not all “luxury, service providers”. My business does not cater nor market to, the “luxury bride”. Frankly, I think that term is overused and should be rolled up and put away, for good.

So, do not fret. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind:

  1. Quit worrying. Look if they are grossly (which is the word I used) undercharging their services, they won’t be around long. It’s non-sustainable and they will fizz/burn out. Also, and more importantly, the clients that hire a $500 photographer, would not of hired you anyway. They don’t see the value, they see a very low price point.
  2. Educate them. Some newcomers to this industry may turn out to be stellar players at a later date. That’s right! We all started somewhere. But they may not KNOW how to go about it. So call them, send them to or let them know about an industry event coming up. They may just need some education.
  3. You are NOT competing. If you have been in business for many years, you are not in competition with these new players. You have a different clientele and a different market share. Does it muck up and devalue the industry standards? Yes, a bit. But it’s okay, it will all shake out in the end. Worry about what makes you unique and finding your client that appreciates and values your services.
  4. Understand your value. It’s time to stop and re-address what makes your services so great and why you can charge what you do. Take inventory, write down the key points of what makes you unique (and saying you’ve been in business for 10 years is not enough nor makes you unique). Once you have done this exercise, it will make it clearer and easier for you to explain your value, worth and expertise to your potential clients.

Happy Selling!