On the Seventh Day of Selling…

On the Seventh Day of Selling my sales coach gave to me….


The cool thing about weddings? Everybody knows somebody who is getting married. Seriously. It’s a happy occasion and people love to talk about it.

So today, you are going to reach out to your past clients. Now if you are that Type A vendor who is always sending out mailing cards and little gems to your previous clients then you get a Gold Star. However if you have been slightly busy with your day-to-day business (keepin it real, here) then we are just going to do what we can.

Cards, email, a personal Facebook message, phone call, your direct mail software program, etc. Pick your flavor of contact.

The bottom line is: you are going to contact your top clients from the past 2-3 years. Make some kind of contact, “I’m thinking about you”, “I ran across your files in our office and it made me remember….”, “Have you heard about our new services?”

You get the picture. But this isn’t a pushy sales contact. More like you are thinking about them and then slip in something that you have been doing that is just awesome.

Because referrals, from previous clients (that may start thinking about you because you made a contact out of the blue)… is awesome.

Happy Selling!

photo: Elizabeth Vincent Photography : me sewing my bride into her gown.

On the Sixth Day of Selling…

On the Sixth Day of Selling my sales coach gave to me….


If you were paying close attention to Fifth Day of Selling you probably thought that I accidentally left out your Blog when talking about your Website revamp.

Nope, your blog is so important (especially to us vendors who use Flash websites) that it gets its’ own personal day.

Some of you may think that just because your potential clients or current clients aren’t making comments on your blog, that mostly vendors are reading it. You are most likely very wrong.

So stop and take a fresh look at your blog. Besides the yummy goodness of free wedding information and portraits, is it really simple for the average blog reader to access your website and contact you for a prospective consult? Does it have a link that states something about your company and what services you offer?

As you know, blogs aren’t a hard selling tool. But it is still, very much, a selling tool. I’ve given plenty of sales consults where I didn’t have to spend much time talking about myself, the team or our philosophy. They already knew, by the flavor of the company blog. It’s selling you!! So be sure that if they like what they are reading, they can easily find out more about you!

Happy Selling!

ps You may want to consider your Facebook Fan page in this as well. And your Twitter page. Is it branded with your logo and photo?

photo: Social Media All Stages

On the Fourth Day of Selling…

On the Fourth Day of Selling my sales coach gave to me….


This day is gonna be a good one. Take out all your marketing materials and lay them out on a clean table. Don’t forget your auto-responder emails, proposals, media packet, agreements, biz cards, etc. All of that should be included.

Now be careful, this is NOT a re-branding exercise (because let’s face it … that could take months). However you do want to keep your branding in mind. You are going to review all of your marketing materials paying close attention to your wording. Does your marketing and sales information reflect your company’s image? Or does it sound like everyone else?

Here’s an example (for planners):

We are a full-service, chic, boutique, luxury wedding planning company that offers our client a special and  perfect wedding day. We make your dreams come true with our professional bridal consultants that work tirelessly just for you.

I fell asleep writing that as I’m sure you did reading it. Look I’m not throwing stones. I’ve had the “Come to Jesus” meeting with our own marketing wording.

Why is this important? You want the right client for you and in order to do that, let’s not trick all the potential clients that will view your information. Be authentic and transparent with your wording. If your target client is really the mother of the bride, then be sure you are “speaking” to that person. If you’re hip and edgy, then let that shine.

One more thing. Please…. if you can say your message in 10 words then do so. Reduce the clutter of wording, because trust me, your potential clients are not reading it.

Happy Selling!

photo: Chronicle Books Blog

On the Third Day of Selling…

On the Third of Selling my sales coach gave to me…


If you’re anything like me, you probably have lots of Evernote notes or emails (sent to yourself from an event) on points and tips of changes that you need to make to your services or products. There is no finite science and business is always growing and changing.

This is the time where you are going to force yourself to review your services. If you want to add something new or remove a service. You’ll also be analyzing your pricing. In some instances, perhaps raising your pricing isn’t the way to go, so perhaps reducing some of your time which in turn gives you a price increase. It’s like my favorite box of Wheat Thins. I noticed the price didn’t go up, but I am getting a smaller box and less Thins per ounce. Nice job, Nabisco.These are just suggestions, you know your market and pricing better than anyone.

This is the time to launch new things, tweak what you already do or not change a thing. At least you have taken the time to analyze it.

Happy Selling!

photo: Operational Excellence Perhaps you could look a little happier during this exercise than the angry dude above.

On the First Day of Selling…

On the First Day of Selling my sales coach gave to me….     (I’m super corny)


That’s right. Get up off your butt and clean your office/workspace, shop. Not just superficial cleaning either. Get out the huge trash can (that sits outside) and go through everything. If you don’t have time to file all the papers get a huge plastic bin and set the papers inside, you will finish this before April 15, 2011 (er, tax time). For now, we’ll put a pin in it.

Get out the Pledge and Windex. Throw away anything you haven’t touched in years. Take your files and scan them into .pdf’s for filing purposes. Throw it out! Purge!

It’s probably the “planner” in me, but I cannot “think” in dust, clutter or a mess. I cannot pretend to be open minded and upbeat when clutter and a mess is all around me. It gets me down. So this winter (because I am so behind) I have been cleaning like a pregnant, nesting woman (um, not preggers). So I can “think” again.

Trust me, before you can move on to another wedding season, you must first catch up and clean up. This is your foundation for clarity.

Happy Selling!

ps Found the photo on the web. It’s Jamie’s Desk, whoever that is.