business tips from Charlie Sheen…


You should all know that Charlie Sheen is my new homeboy. Ok, I know that some of you are thinking:

“Saundra, have you lost your mind?”

“I’m so sick of seeing this guy on TV.”

“Poor Charlie, I feel sorry for him and his addiction. How can you make fun of him?”

I’ll address each one of those points. 1. No, I have not lost my mind, in fact I have learned a great deal from Charlie as you will see below. 2. I understand. But it has increased my mood tremendously as the gas prices skyrocket and the Middle East is collapsing. 3. I do not feel sorry for Charlie, one bit. His over-privileged and indulgent lifestyle has led him to having only one-brain cell left. He is loving this attention and he shall have it. I only feel sorry for: his kids and the people on the TV show who are now unemployed.

Now, there is always an opportunity to learn. Right?

This is what Charlie Sheen has taught me:

  1. You really aren’t a rockstar. It’s great to be pumped up and feel good about yourself. And we all have some rockstar moments. But let’s keep things real and remind yourself that you are not the most important person in the room. Or in the world.
  2. Relationships are everything. Charlie believes that we (everyone in the world BUT him) cannot “process him with a normal brain”. When running your own business you definitely need help. And of course the ability for other people to “understand you” is a plus as well. Charlie is all alone. He’s ostracized his team (cast members and production team of Two and a Half Men), his publicist quit, who knows how his personal relationship is with family or his ex-wives. Well, he does have the “two goddesses” that live with him, but when the cocaine dries up so will they. Back to the point: you know it takes a team of professionals to pull off a great event and peers to help you when you need it.
  3. Incoherent blabbering is not sellable. Really Charlie, you should have listened to my advice and embraced more silence during your interview. From what I can tell, he babbled like a brook and said nothing of real substance. Don’t do that with your clients or at sales consults.
  4. Airing your dirty laundry doesn’t make  you “real”, in many cases, it proves you are crazy. Hmph. Don’t need to add much here. Although a few Facebook statuses that I recently read from other vendors do come to mind….
  5. Perception becomes reality. If Charlie ever pulls through this, can any of us look at him again (in movies or on TV) without thinking of this interview and crazy lifestyle? It was okay when it was “just reported” that he was wrecking a hotel room on drugs and hookers. But now, to have him blatantly in our faces exposing himself with all kinds of crazy … it is permanently etched into my brain. (Again, thanks Charlie for the smiles.) So I ask you… have you acted crazy in your professional life? YELLED at other vendors instead of managing the conflict? Acted overly dramatic towards a situation? Managed a situation poorly? Everyone that saw you do this…. it’s etched in their brains forever as well.
  6. Don’t envy those that are at the TOP of their game. And Charlie was at the top! “Most highly paid actor and top-rated sitcom in the country.” People dream of having an opportunity for that type of fame and money. But when you aren’t grounded inside, when you don’t have the attitude and love for yourself… it can quickly fall. Don’t be envious of other peer professionals that are doing well or who are on an industry TV show or received exposure in print media. You never know what is going on with them behind closed doors. Just sayin’.

Charlie Sheen, you are special. And I hope that you will especially get some help. Thanks again for the inspiration!

Happy Selling!

On the Tenth Day of Selling…

On the Tenth Day of Selling my sales coach gave to me….


Gather your team together and pump them up for the upcoming season. Make sure they all have updated biz cards or some kind of lead cards to give out to potential clients.

Make sure everyone is up to date on 2011 pricing structure and the way your services.

While YOU may be the main sales person, you always can use a team of people talking up your business. This includes your interns!

Don’t think you have a team? You have family and friends that think the world of you. Use them, they won’t mind. Here’s a few other pointers regarding using your team.

Happy Selling!

photo: I can’t remember. But thank you!