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NOW… at&t loves me and my iphone…


True Story:

We’ve been Cingular customers since 1998. Of course we all know that they were bought out by AT&T a few years ago and since then the customer service is shaky sometimes. I am NOT a fan of “monopolies” when one company has our business advertising, our land lines, and our cell phones; I think customer service wavers a bit.

Hence the one time it took me 8 months, numerous hours on the phone, speaking to so many customer service representatives across the entire country, that I lost count;  to resolve a $352 credit that was due to us. But I did it. And the drinks were ON ME that evening.

Get to the Point:

Alright, ALRIGHT!

Everyone knows that Verizon announced they can sell the iPhone 4 early this February. After that announcement (in fact only 12 hours after), I had to call AT&T on an unrelated customer service issue.

The love fest on the telephone from the customer service rep was unbelievable and left me feeling a little nauseous.

I was told REPEATEDLY:

“Thank you so much for your business”
“Thank you for your patronage and as an iPhone customer
“We value your business and thank you again, for being an AT&T customer”


I mean it’s not like every time I call they are rude, but this guy was OVER the TOP. And, pointedly singled out the fact I was an “iPhone customer” again and again.

Hmmmmmm. Feeling the heat a little AT&T?

Our Business:

So do you (and me) wait until we feel the heat to reciprocate to our clients and be grateful? Do we wait for a competitor to come into the market to stir it up or are we continuing to build client relations and loyalty?

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Trust me… this was an “aha moment” for me as well. I love to sell. I love to plan. But the extra touches for client relations sometimes can lost in the daily grind.

Time to step up our game!

Happy Selling!

yellow page advertising: does it work?

I talk a lot about sales (cause that what you want to hear), but if you have read my bio you know that I have a long background in (selling) advertising and creating marketing campaigns.

Around this time of year, many of us are getting calls from all potential advertising mediums. It is difficult to be able to decide where to put your (hard earned) advertising dollars to attract your potential client. I wrote a two-part synopsis about this on The Smart Planner which is now Think Splendid.

However, this blog post is about Yellow Page advertising. Instead of me giving you advice on how to spend your dollars with this medium, I would like to instead poll YOU for discussion.

So, please add a comment with your personal experience on this type of advertising. I’m sure it will be a good read for all of us. Please answer the following questions in your comment:

  1. What is your profession?
  2. Have you used Yellow Page advertising before?
  3. Did you purchases print and online?
  4. If yes, what type of ad did you take out (display or just your company name/number listing)?
  5. How did it work out for you? Did you track your calls and were they qualified potential clients or something else?
  6. Are you still incorporating this medium in your current advertising program?
  7. OR… you’ve NEVER done YP advertising and if so, why not?

You can answer anonymously or with your company information. I think the feedback will help others in our industry. Let’s find out if the “fingers do the walking” is working for our businesses!

Happy Selling!