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Obviously I need to get off my wedding planning ass and books some gigs. We’re in negotiations for a few.

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caution, blatant self-promotion is ahead

There are people who speak, and then there are speakers. Through my experience in performance arts in high school through college I’ve always been a natural in front of people. Being on live TV every week also keeps you on your toes. There is no audience too small or too large for me to engage. I channel the natural excitement of public speaking into infectious energy in the room, even engaging the people who sit in the back with their arms folded. You know the type. Through the use of self-deprecating humor, movement around the room, and being very direct; I am able to teach sales concepts in an engaging and easy to understand manner. Attendees never leave bored, but are often wishing for more.

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I’m available for speaking engagements from small workshops, panels, medium to large industry events. What helps me win over the audience is I am careful to customize the presentation to the needs and interets to almost anyone, at various levels. Photographers, event planners, designers, caterers … all industry professionals can learn something that they can immediately use when they leave to close more sales.

topics…(but not limited to)…

Closing the Deal: Sales Methods for the Wedding Industry
Fearless Negotiation Skills: Taking No Prisoners
Strategy for your Marketing / What your Advertising Rep is REALLY selling
Building Your Confidence in Selling: I’m Awesome!

…. and more, just ask.

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sold! how do we book you?

I’m digging the way you think. First thing, please EMAIL ME the details of your events. Please share with me your event vision, who will attend, the time frame and your budget.

We will work together to create a custom proposal designed to help you achieve your goals. Speaker fees and travel are determined per event based on the audience size, length of speaking and material presented.

The most requested time for speaking is one-hour (strap on your seat belts, it’s super-fast paced) to 90 minutes, including question and answering (this timeframe is better received by your attendees).

photo credit: jen lynn photography

previous speaking engagements include:

2013 ABC Midwest Retreat, 2013 The Special Event2012 Project INNOVATE :: Sydney, Australia, 2012 The Special Event, 2012 ABC Southeastern Conference, 2011 WedSmith, 2011 Wedding 101, 2011 My Big Day Planner, 2011 Eventology, 2010 The Simple Plan, 2010 WedSmith, 2010 We Wed, 2010 NACE Baltimore, 2010 Eventology, 2010 Deaconess Women’s Conference, 2009 ABC Lexington, 2009 Eventology and various GET REAL Sales Workshops throughout the country.

let’s hear the love…